Planning Guide

  A new year begins and that means new opportunities for change and growth for your business. Now is the time to take a look back and reflect on what worked last year, what didn't work, and what you can do to make sure this year is better than the last. Follow our guide to create your plan for a successful 2020!



Reflect on the previous year

  Take some time to go over our product's performance in your business last year. Your results may vary depending on what type of business you run, your location, store traffic, and many other factors. But generally you should determine:

• What scents sold the most

• What scents sold moderately

• What scents did not sell well

• Which scents needed to be restocked often

• Which seasons sold which scents

• Which holidays sold which scents

• What promotions or sales were most successful

Answering these questions will help you narrow down which scents are fast sellers and in most demand for your specific clientele and which aren't as popular among them.

Use our printable worksheet to organize your answers.


Reflect on your marketing strategy

Every business is unique and has a specific marketing strategy that directly affects how well our products perform with your clientele. Go over what tools you used to market our products in your place of business and how effective they were.

• Do you post on social media like Facebook or Instagram about new inventory?

• Do you have an email list or e-newsletter?

• Do you have engaging displays of our product in your store?

• Do you rotate displays and products to specific seasons?

• Do you directly recommend our products to your clients

for their smoke odor exterminating needs?

• Do you use our FREE window decals, product pamphlets, and posters?

An effective marketing strategy will produce better results if fine tuned to your specific needs. Try different methods and keep an eye on what gets a better response.

Try different seasonal displays that bring attention to the products, consistent social media posts specific to your clients if you haven't already, and don't forget to request your FREE marketing materials when placing your orders.

Use our printable worksheet to organize your answers.


Plan and adjust

Create an outline for the whole year with the specific goals you plan to meet. Whether it is an online spreadsheet, hand-written in a notebook, or our PDF worksheet, use all of your available tools to track what you need to do to have a successful selling year and adapt accordingly. Plan ahead to order specific types of fragrances for different seasons.

Use our example below as a guide:


• Begin social media campaign on Facebook/Instagram.

-Post about new inventory arrivals/restocks

-New fragrances

-Seasonal fragrances

-Promotions and sales


• Create fun, eye-catching displays

-Spotlight new fragrances

-Redesign your in-store displays for each season

Valentine's Day (red and pink)

St. Patrick's' Day (green and gold)

Spring & Easter (pastels)

Summer (bright & vivid)

Independence Day (red, white, and blue)

Autumn, Halloween & Thanksgiving (red, orange, yellow, brown)

Winter (blue, white)

Christmas (red, green)

We hope you can make good use of our guide to plan out your strategy for the new year.

Feel free to modify it to your needs and find what works specifically for you.

Keep track of your results and adjust your strategy.


The more you know about your clients' specific wants and needs the better equipped you will be to provide valuable products they will happily return to purchase.

Download and print this PDF worksheet to jot down

your ideas and prepare for a successful year!